We Won!

Thank you, Brookline! The results are in, and I’m happy to share that our campaign has earned the support of 63 percent of the voters! Being Brookline’s State Representative has been the honor of my life, and I’m so grateful that our community continues to entrust me with that responsibility. Thank you.

Thank Yous

I want to begin by thanking my opponent in this election, Dr. Raul Fernandez. He ran a great race, shining a light on many important issues in our community and across Massachusetts. I share many of the concerns he raised and the goals he articulated, and I hope to partner with him and the rest of Brookline in moving these issues forward.

I want to thank my family. My children have been extremely patient with their dad, and have been so helpful in counting stacks of literature, carefully sticking stamps on letters, and attending canvas kickoffs and fundraisers. And my wife Jenn, a civil engineer, has spent the past several years keeping me civil, supporting me in every way imaginable, and generally putting up with my ridiculous schedule and crazy hours. I want to thank the many hundreds of people who believed in our campaign enough to contribute time, talent, and treasure, or a combination of the three. I will forever be grateful to everyone who believed in me, and who shares the values of this campaign.

Finally, I want to thank the 4,748 people in Brookline who voted for me. I’m deeply humbled. It’s a great honor to be your voice in the House of Representatives, and I wake up every morning energized and ready to work on your behalf.

What the Results Mean

The past few months have highlighted divisions in Brookline. Just as one room was filled with joy and celebration on Election Night, another had a more somber tone. While the people in those two rooms didn’t vote the same on Election Day, the supporters of both candidates share many of the same values and goals: fighting climate change, a safe and reliable transportation system, increased investment in education, and a more just and equitable society.

To achieve these goals, we must unite. We need everyone working together to make that vision a reality. If you share that vision with me, I ask that you join me in reaching out to those who voted for my opponent, and to those who didn’t vote at all, to see how we can work together on these common goals. We make progress by focusing on what we have in common, not on what divides us.

November Ballot

As you know, I am the only candidate for state representative who will appear on the November ballot, and so it’s very likely that I will return to Beacon Hill for another term. I promise that I will continue to work hard each and every day to provide excellent constituent service, advocate for Brookline, and fight for our shared values. To everyone who voted for my opponent: I’m going to work just as hard for you too. And to everyone who didn’t make it to the polls or doesn’t have the franchise, you too are my constituents, and I’ll be there for you as well.

There are other important races on the November 8 ballot. We must come together and work to elect Maura Healey and the rest of the Democratic ticket. We must also work to pass the Fair Share amendment so we can make long overdue investments in public transportation and education, and we must vote yes on 4 for Safer Roads. I hope you’ll join me in knocking on doors and talking with friends, family, and neighbors about the importance of the upcoming vote.



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