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I was sworn in to the Massachusetts House of Representatives on January 2, 2019, to represent Brookline in the legislature. Since then I’ve been working hard every day for our community and our Commonwealth. I’ve been meeting with constituents, advocacy groups, and local public interest organizations. I’ve also gotten to know my colleagues, both the other 24 newly elected representatives and the 135 more senior members. I am confident that we will make real progress over the two years of the 191st session of the General Court.

I filed ten bills this session — some “refiles” filed by Representative Smizik last session that didn’t become law, some in direct conjunction with advocacy groups or constituents, some in partnership with current or past members of the House or Senate, and some addressing needs or opportunities that I discovered in my role as a Town Meeting Member or as a private citizen. One, An Act Establishing a Sick Leave Bank (H.75), has already passed both the House and the Senate and become law.

I serve on four committees: Community Development and Small Business, Elder Affairs, Public Service, and Tourism, Arts, and Cultural Development. Work on these committees involves hearings, rewriting good bills to improve them, advancing bills to subsequent committees, and for some, ultimately voting them up or down on the floor of the House Chambers.

My office is open to you. Is there a bill or issue worthy of support? Do you have an idea on what state government could do better? Do you have a specific need with which my office could help? Would you like me to attend an event? Don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

– Tommy Vitolo
(617) 872-8921

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