Thank you for your trust

I began service as a Massachusetts State Representative on January 2, 2019, representing Brookline in the House of Representatives. Since then I’ve been working hard every day for our community and our Commonwealth. I’ve been meeting with constituents, advocacy groups, and local public interest organizations. I’ve been in the district, attending events and listening to residents. I’ve been voting to pass progressive legislation, and assisting constituents with problems along the way.

All of these efforts were interrupted in March. Both legislative work and reelection efforts have come to a standstill as COVID-19 require all of my attention. Legislatively, I continue to vote in session, in favor of bills that protect the sick, medical personnel and caregivers, the unemployed, residential and small business tenants and mortgagees, and our democratic process. I and my staff have worked with state agencies, US Senators and Congresspeople, and utility and insurance companies to help residents return to the US, navigate the unemployment application process, maintain their current housing, gain status as an essential business, vote in the upcoming election, secure PPEs, and ensure that their COVID-19 treatment was covered. I’ve worked hard to keep Brookline residents informed, emailing coronavirus updates regularly and appearing weekly on a Brookline Interactive television program.

In my first year I connected residents of Brookline with both government and private sector services to help solve problems. I secured substantial funding for local initiatives and nonprofits. And, I voted in favor of progressive legislation that became law – legislation supporting older adults, working families, youth, women, LGBTQ residents, public schools, environmental initiatives, transportation investment, and more. I’m currently focused 100 percent on the medical and economic requirements of COVID-19 protection and recovery. I’ve been a vocal leader in aggressively meeting this public challenge head-on, and in protecting our most vulnerable residents throughout.

While we’ve made progress on matters of social and economic justice, public education, environment and climate, and more recently coronavirus, important work remains. Thank you Brookline for sending me back to Beacon Hill for a second term in 2021, so that I can continue fighting for our values and our health. Thank you for believing in me.

– Tommy Vitolo

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