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Brookline will elect a new representative this fall. We need a strong, energetic fighter for the Town’s interests, who will advocate tirelessly for the issues that matter to us: social and economic justice; protecting the rights of women, immigrants, the elderly and the disadvantaged; ensuring sufficient funds for excellent public schools; for pre-K, K-12, and UMass and state colleges; protection of our environment; including both green spaces and reducing climate pollution. In this era of dysfunction in Washington, the stakes are even higher.

Brookline has specific challenges too, and needs stronger partnerships with the state. Our town needs support from the Massachusetts School Building Authority to help with school overcrowding. We need MassDOT support to help with our roadways, and MBTA investment to improve timeliness and expand capacity of the Green Line. We need an advocate for affordable housing and olocal businesses that meet the needs of our community.

I’m proud to have served on Town Meeting for over a decade, and prouder still that I spent that time passing bills, working with other legislators, and listening – to their concerns, and to yours as well. I share those concerns. I know what it’s like to balance a two-career household, to struggle every day to pay for daycare, medical bills, housing, transportation, and student loans. I’ve listened closely to those facing the challenge of aging in place, balancing a fixed income with ever-increasing bills. Massachusetts is a great state and Brookline’s a wonderful town – but keeping it that way requires strong advocacy, and there’s so much more we can do.

I ask that you send me to the State House to speak up for Brookline, and to do more for the issues that we care about – for social and economic justice, for public education, and for the environment.

– Tommy Vitolo
(617) 872-8921    tjvitolo@tommyvitolo.com

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