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Our campaign earned the support of 14,656 voters, making Tommy Vitolo the next state representative from Brookline! I will be sworn in to the Massachusetts House of Representatives on January 2, 2019, succeeding retiring Representative Frank Smizik in the 15th Norfolk District.

Thank you to my family, for doing what families do. I look forward to spending time with you all over the upcoming holidays.

Thank you to Representative Smizik and wife Julie Johnson, who have been so kind to me and so good to our community for so long.

Thank you to the hundreds of people who, upon hearing about my candidacy, made sure that they were part of our team.

Finally, I want to thank Brookline voters, each of whom took part in our precious democracy.

I’ve already begun meeting with constituents, advocacy groups, and future colleagues. I’ll continue doing so through November and December to prepare for my new role. As Brookline’s State Representative, I’m going to work hard each and every day to provide excellent constituent service, to advocate for Brookline, and to fight for our shared values — for social and economic justice, for public education, and for the environment. It won’t be easy at times, and although we won’t win every battle, I have no doubt that we’ll continue improving on an already incredible Commonwealth.

Thank you again, and may we hold off on talk of 2020 elections for another week or two.

– Tommy Vitolo
(617) 872-8921

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