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Tommy has served on many boards and committees, both ad-hoc and standing, on behalf of the Town. These include:

  • Amory Park Design Review Committee, 2007
    Designed and approved paths, stairways, and other accessibility measures.
  • Clean Car Committee, 2007-2008
    Co-authored state-wide legislation to encourage the purchase of more fuel-efficient vehicles.
  • Bicycle Advisory Committee, 2008-present
    Work to secure grant money, develop a comprehensive bicycle plan, assist with the Brookline Bikes Beacon bicycle parade, and advise on policies and capital improvement bicycle infrastructure expenditures within Town.
  • Pay As You Throw Committee, 2008
    Crafted a proposal that projected to reduce our Town’s trash tonnage by 25 percent while saving the Town $300,000 per year.
  • MBTA Route 66 Working Group, 2010
    Studied MBTA Route 66 bus usage and performance within Brookline, and proposed bus stop reconfigurations that, when implemented, improved bus on-time performance.
  • Reprecincting Committee, 2011
    Applied mathematical optimization techniques to assist rebalancing the Town’s 16 precincts to align with the 2010 U.S. Census and state law.
  • Emerald Necklace Bicycle and Pedestrian Crossing Committee, 2011-2012
    Modified and approved a proposal to improve the safety and aesthetic of five locations where a roadway divides the Emerald Necklace parks in Brookline, including the once extremely dangerous (and now safe) Route 9 crossing.
  • Solar Roof Study Committee, 2013
    Researched and drafted building design specifications so that when the Town builds or substantially renovates a Town-owned roof, that roof will be solar panel ready if the siting is appropriate for solar electricity generation.
  • Complete Streets Task Force, 2014-2016
    Created policy to support right-of-way design, implementation, use, and maintenance of safe, comfortable use of transportation infrastructure by motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, and transit users of all ages and abilities.
  • Community Choice Aggregation Subcommittee, 2016-2017, ex officio
    Guided the Town through the process of Community Choice Aggregation, including contractual acquisition of Renewable Energy Credits and wholesale energy and capacity, marketing and communications, and implementation.
  • Tobacco Control Committee, 2016-2017
    Reviewed Town’s tobacco control policies and regulations and drafted by-law restricting the issuance of any new tobacco sales licenses.

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