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Precinct 6 is made up of an incredibly diverse group. We have many tenants, condominiums, and neighborhoods of single and two-family homes. Residents use automobiles, streetcars, bicycles and their own two feet to get around; we have many more people than cars. We have scores of retirees, many families and a very large number of residents under 35.

Involvement by everyone leads to a better community for everyone. Often times, a person's role is limited to staying informed, talking with neighbors about important local issues, and voting. Sometimes more active leadership is needed—leadership to identify how the community could improve, leadership to identify the path toward that improvement, and leadership to encourage others to contribute to those solutions. I visualize a Precinct that accommodates all of its residents, and I hope you will join me in working toward that goal.
Thank You,
Thomas J Vitolo

About Tommy Vitolo

Born in 1978, Tommy grew up in a loving, working class home in Brookfield, Connecticut. When his parents moved to Virginia in 1993, he stayed in Connecticut to finish high school, then earned a Park Scholarship, a full, merit-based award to North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina.

His four years at State were wonderful and formative. While working on three Bachelor of Science degrees, Tommy was instrumental in creating Service Raleigh, a community service project that has inspired over a decade of community involvement in the Raleigh area. The success of this initiative has only helped affirm his lifelong interest in service and community engagement.

Tommy graduated from NC State with honors, and was awarded the Mitchell Scholarship, which funded his Masters of Science degree at Dublin City University in Dublin, Ireland. While there, he met politicians and community leaders in both the Republic and Northern Ireland, learning about the history and current impact of religious discrimination and violence in Ireland.

Upon completion of his Master's overseas, and perhaps still nostalgic for the Irish culture, Tommy moved to South Boston. For the last fifteen years he has resided in Brookline, first as a renter on Saint Mary's Street, then as a homeowner in Longwood Towers, and now as a houseowner on University Road. In June 2004, Tommy married his college sweetheart, Jennifer Taranto, at Boston University's Marsh Chapel. He completed a Ph.D in Systems Engineering from Boston University, and now works as a senior associate for Synapse Energy Economics. Tommy's work involves testifying as an expert witness on behalf of government and public service organizations on matters related to electric utilities and regulation. Jenn and Tommy have two children, a son and a daughter.

Tommy has been active involved in a number of community projects, ranging from working on The Busycle, a 15-person pedal powered van, to bulb planting in Monmouth Park and garlic mustard removal at Hall's Pond, to participation in Brookline 2010 and the Brookline Community Foundation building energy retrofit. In November 2015, Tommy danced with the Brookline Stars to raise money for Livable Streets. Tommy strongly feels that it is through service he has made his mark and, conversely, that community involvement has had a tremendous impact on shaping his own values.

In May 2007, Tommy was first elected to Town Meeting with the overwhelming support of 64% of the voters. In May 2010 he was re-elected, this time with 71% of the vote. In 2013 Tommy earned 69% of the vote in his re-election. Because he moved from Precinct 1 to Precinct 6, he ran again in his new neighborhood in 2014, gaining support from the neighborhood and earning more votes than any other Town Meeting candidate in town. In 2015, Tommy served as the Field Director for the Yes for Brookline pro-override campaign.


Legislative Accomplishments

Tommy has penned eight warrant articles considered by Town Meeting; seven have won majority votes. This is exceptional -- few Town Meeting Members ever author (or have pass) any warrant articles. Tommy's articles include

If you've got an idea for a warrant article, please contact Tommy.


Boards and Committees

In addition to serving as a Town Meeting Member, Tommy has served on a number of boards and committees, both ad-hoc and permanent, on behalf of the Town. These include:



Tommy is a member of the following organizations: