"On May 2nd, citizens from across the neighborhood came out to vote in the town election, choosing Kim Smith, myself, Brian Hochleutner, Scott Englander, Cat Anderson, and Arthur Conquest for Town Meeting. Thank you to all the candidates and voters!"     —Tommy Vitolo

The Issues

Town Meeting

The May 2017 Town Meeting refined the Brookline Commission on Disability, restricted new tobacco sales permits, allowed for lower speed limits, required our new schools to be super green, and had the Town join GARE.

BHS Expansion, 9th K-8

Brookline will spend the summer of '17 pushing forward expansion of BHS using the parcel on the corner of Tappan and Cypress, and a new 9th K-8 school at the Baldwin site. Both projects are challenging, and we'll know much more about each project's eventual fate in Fall 2017.

Opt up to 100% Renewable Electricity

Now that Brookline has rolled out Brookline Green Electricity, you can opt up to 100% renewable. Just have an electric bill handy and telephone 866-220-5696.